Environmental, Social and Governance

Our Social Values

Led by Majority-Independent Board with a Commitment to
DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging).

35.1% and 30.1%

Based on data from employees who chose to self-identify, we increased representation among women and non-binary employees (32.8% to 35.1%) and maintained representation among underrepresented racial minorities (30.1% to 30.1%) within our U.S. workforce


Since the Charitable Giving Program’s inception in 2018 through 2021, CarGurus has donated nearly $700,000 to charities across the markets we operate


In 2021, nearly 100% of our employees participated in learning and development activities worldwide

Jason Trevisan CEO



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At CarGurus, we give people the power to reach their destination, enabling consumers and dealers with the confidence and tools to buy or sell any vehicle, anywhere, at the right price, and in the right way for them. We are driven by our pioneering mindset, collaborative approach, and our commitment to transparency. Importantly, we believe in keeping integrity at the heart of everything we do; acting responsibly and considering the impact of our actions on each other, our customers, and the world around us. With those values in mind, I am pleased to share CarGurus’ 2021 CSR Report.

As a business, we made significant progress in 2021 in our evolution to a transaction-enabled platform. We also continued to invest in our employees, fueling growth for CarGurus and our community members. This year wasn’t without headwinds; the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and uncertain macroeconomic environment have challenged businesses globally. However, our momentum continues to inspire me in our journey ahead, and I’m proud of the social and environmental initiatives that have contributed to progress both at CarGurus and within the communities in which we operate.

This Report covers the ways in which we’re focused on making a positive impact in the areas of environmental, social, and corporate governance. We review how we continue to reduce our environmental impact through energy-efficient and sustainable workspaces, easy search capabilities for fuel-efficient, hybrid and electric vehicles on our platform, and a selection of environmentally conscious employee benefits. In addition, we share how investing in our employees and the communities we operate shaped our diversity, equity inclusion and belonging strategy, employee engagement, and global citizenship over the past year.

While there is still much to learn and even more to do as we continue to progress with our ESG efforts, I want to acknowledge the tremendous work the team has done thus far. These initiatives would not be possible without their leadership and unwavering commitment to our values, our customers, each other, and our communities. I look forward to continuing the momentum and sharing our progress along the way.

Jason Trevisan


The building that will house our future headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts will offer cutting-edge systems for energy efficiency and sustainability, consistent with what we anticipate being a LEED Gold certified building, will be easily accessible by public transportation and will have electric vehicle charging stations and indoor bike racks. We believe it is important for us to operate our businesses in an energy-efficient and sustainable manner and we believe our new headquarters will allow us to stay true to our beliefs by helping us further reduce our environmental impact.

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